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Who we are

Red Peak is...


a young, innovative Swiss based company and supplies high quality sensing & control products to European market. 

Red Peak is highly skilled and experienced in markets as SEMICONDUCTOR, PHARMACEUTICAL, LABORATORY and PACKAGING EQUIPMENTS. 

Red Peak is specialized in all kinds of applications for Liquid Controlling, such as 

          - Liquid Leak Sensors 

          - Liquid Level Sensors

          - Liquid Flowmeter (PTFE, PFA, PEEK, Rayton) 

          - Liquid Pressure Control 

Additionally, Red Peak supplies products for a wide variety of industrial applications. The product line includes

          - Fiberoptic

          - Fibercables 

          - Photoelectrics 

          - Inductive Proximity

          - Capacitive Sensors  

          - Light Curtain 

          - Laser 

          - Registration Mark 

          - Color Recognition 

          - Label-Eye

          - Luminescence 

          - Clear Label Sensor

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